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Hear It from Them

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us on our journey to meeting Oleander. We all looked forward to your visits throughout the pregnancy... you sprinkled so much joy on the experience. And the calm, confidence and reassurance that you brought to the birth space will stay with us forever. I can't help but feel strangely disappointed that Oleander's journey earthside wasn't more of a metamorphosis (Oleander arrived VERY quickly), but you transformed my confusion to clarity and my shock to purpose just when I needed it. And you provided such reassurance in his first weeks too.

The gift that you give this community is huge, and that will certainly never be lost in our hearts and memories. 

Dani and Oleander 2022

I had a really positive birthing experience and one lady to thank, Britt. I have been lucky enough to have Britt as my midwife for both my pregnancies. Britt has been nothing short of amazing - she truly knows how to uplift and encourage you to keep going when you feel like giving up. From our very first appointment in 2021 to our last home visit in 2024, Britt and I created a bond where I trust her wholeheartedly. Her knowledge of the female body is just incredible - no question is an unknown for her. My second birth was the most powerful I have ever felt, having Britt back me and support me got me through. Britt is a superwoman and an asset to the birthing community.

Laura and Miya 2024

What I love most about Britt is the feeling like your real cool Aunty is coming to visit. She makes you feel so comfortable and so safe with her chill, calm nature. Every visit with her was something that I looked forward to, as every visit was like catching up. She heard my fears, concerns, highs & lows and almost nonexistent birth plan with no judgement whatsoever and she made my choices feel right. She gave us our desired space in labour, yet was there at the right moments!

My birth of Malakai went nothing but perfect and I can honestly say so much of this was because of Britt and how she carries birth, like it’s a completely natural common experience and how she just loves to watch women get in their zone. She’s experienced and professional, casual and cool all in one! Malakai is so lucky to have Britt as our midwife and our next baby will be too! Thank you so much.

Rachel and Malakai 2022

Britt is amazing, she helped me with my second born and was just the support I needed. She's down to earth, understanding and strong. I feel so blessed to have been able to have her help and care during that time. I felt safe and empowered.

Bianca and Koobrah 2016

To our wonderful midwife Britt,

Thank you for being so utterly fabulous and making our birth journey so stress-free. Thanks to your positive and calming presence we had the most amazing and memorable birth experience, one which we couldn't have imagined could be so good.

Tania and Misa 2022

As soon as I met Britt I knew she would be the midwife I needed to have the birth I wanted. My first birth was very traumatic and left me feeling depleted so I wanted to have a better experience this time round. Britt was so caring, she listened to my every concern and respected everything I wanted for my birth. I was able to have a beautiful, successful VBAC at home in the water like I wanted and Britt made that possible. Her service was thorough and very professional but also super friendly and down to earth. The perfect combination! Thank you Britt, we love you!

Ella and Kiko 2021

Britt is an amazing midwife so compassionate, understanding and provides a loving environment to be in. Britt was my second midwife for my homebirth but I also had the privledge of having her for a few antenatal appointments too. During labour Britt was an incredible, loving support in my birth space, she helped me any way she could making me as comfortable as possible. Britt respected my birth plan and the choices I made during labour.
I highly recommend Britt as a midwife and wish her all the best for her future.

Bec and Noah 2021

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