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Britt will arrive when you are ready, helping to facilitate a calm, safe birth atmosphere. Your ‘second’ midwife will arrive in plenty of time to be there for the birth. After birth we stay with you for at least three hours, longer if needed. We encourage immediate skin to skin, early breastfeeding, and bonding between family members. We support the birth of your placenta, and review and repair any perineal damage. We help you up to shower and ensure you eat a light meal. We give the baby a general top to toe exam, weigh and measure, and provide vitamin K if required. We clear up the birthing area and dispose of any waste. Before leaving we review postpartum information and ensure your needs are met. Britt will return within 24 hours to check on you and your baby.



Birthing in water is a wonderful, safe and effective way to manage pain during labour, reduce perineal tearing, and welcome your baby into the world in a gentle way. Britt has a selection of birth pools you can choose from at no extra cost. Each pool comes with a pool liner for optimal hygiene.

Next Birth After a Caesarean 

Having had a caesarean section in the past does not prevent you from having a safe birth at home, as long as you are otherwise healthy. Britt has supported many women to birth vaginally after a caesarean - this can be a very healing experience.

We encourage you to research home birth and bring your questions to discuss with the midwife. 


Birth Philosophy

Giving birth is a powerful, deeply personal spiritual experience and a significant rite of passage. My aim is to support women so they emerge from the childbirth continuum feeling joyful, strong, and empowered, and babies are met in the most gentle and physiological way possible, whatever the setting. 
As a midwife I am privileged to accompany women and families on this life-changing journey. I help my clients to enjoy this powerful transition by providing a supportive, informative, and individualised service, so that the passage through pregnancy, labour and birth feels meaningful and empowering. I believe that midwifery care needs to be flexible and appropriate to each individual person and their family, which is why I have chosen to work independently. 
Birth is a rite of passage, and each pregnancy, birth, and baby comes with their own teachings, lessons and opportunities for growth and transformation. At some level, each baby and their embodiment journey set you up to be the parent that they need. Part of the inner work of pregnancy and birth is in uncovering the unique gifts of your particular journey. 
I am a proponent of instinctive birthing and believe that people have all the knowledge they need to give birth instinctively deep within them. My job is to help create an environment of trust, love, safety, and support, so that you can access your inner knowing and surrender to the miracle and intelligence of the birth process and respond intuitively to your body and your baby within. 

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